Employment Opportunities


Role:           Technical Application Support Developer
Location:   Las Vegas, Nevada
Hours:        Full Time
Salary:       TBD
Apply to:    jobs@donbest.com


Working from the Las Vegas Office, the successful candidate will provide on the ground support for live applications.  Currently support is provided by senior developers.  This asset would take over the bulk of day-to-day support and escalate any major issues to the senior development team as needed.


  • Monitoring and maintaining computer systems as it relates to application performance
  • Troubleshooting and diagnosing system and network problems and escalating to appropriate groups as needed
  • Providing support, including procedural documentation and relevant reports
  • Supporting the roll-out of new applications
  • Setting up users' accounts and profiles for in-house applications
  • Testing and evaluating new software releases
  • Answer customer queries and resolve issues when possible, and escalate as needed.


  • Basic knowledge of object oriented programming 
  • Knowledge of .net C# / Microsoft visual studio
  • Minimum 1 year hands on experience with SQL
  • Ability to navigate and perform basic functions with Linux OS
  • Work with logs files to diagnose issues and find key information
  • Java / JML a plus
  • PHP a plus
  • Database Design a plus

Behavioral Qualities:

  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Ability to work well under pressure
  • Attention to detail
  • Strong work ethic
  • Cusomter Service oriented with the ability to work with people
Las Vegas, NV local candidates preferred.  


Role:         QA Developer
Location:   Las Vegas, Nevada or Vancouver, BC
Hours:        Full Time
Salary:       TBD
Apply to:    jobs@donbest.com


Don Best Sports is looking for an enthusiastic QA Developer to join our Software Development team.

You will be responsible for designing, creating, documenting, and executing test plans of a proprietary automated odds generation software, as well as the UI and the incoming and outgoing feeds.


  • Learn and understand the functionality of the a proprietary automated odds generation software, as well as the User Interfaces and the incoming and outgoing feeds
  • Test the effects in performance of various types of coding changes, both in speed and accuracy
  • Write Test Plans based on functional specifications, design documentation, discussions with the Product Developers
  • Troubleshoot and reproduce functional, user-level issues
  • Document defects found during testing, with clear directions on what steps were executed during those tests
  • Assess the level of severity of issues found during testing
  • Analyze reported bugs to determine if they are software defects, data issues, other non-software related issues, or if the product is working as designed
  • Design QA tools to automate the on-going testing of the data going in and out of the core model software


  • Minimum of 3-5 years of Quality Assurance testing experience
  • Relevant BA/BS or equivalent technical training and professional work experience
  • Background in the testing an enterprise-wide, core product used by external and internal clients
  • Experience writing Test Plans, and a familiarity with testing methodologies and concepts
  • Demonstrated ability to follow established processes and to provide recommendations for adjustments to those processes based on execution
  • Able to work independently, as part of the software development team, and as part of the larger product team that includes such groups as product management and operations
  • Proven interpersonal, analytical, attention to detail/strategy, and creative problem-solving skills
  • Excellent communication and self-motivation skills
  • This position requires professional growth and self-discipline in order to take on additional duties as required
  • The ability to write simple SQL queries and basic knowledge of database schema (tables, keys, etc.)
  • Experience with testing web-based applications in multiple browsers

Las Vegas, NV or Vancouver, BC candidates preferred.

Role:          Integration Delivery Project Manager (IDPM)
Location:   Las Vegas, Nevada or Vancouver, BC
Hours:        Full Time
Salary:       TBD
Apply to:    jobs@donbest.com


The Integration Delivery Project Manager (IDPM) reports to the CTO and communicates on a regular basis with the Development, Sales and Technology teams.

This role is for an Integration specialist who can be the main point of contact for our geographically diverse client base as we integrate our specialized data services.  Each client goes through several stages of integration from initial pre-sales communications to project start, QA, live, maintenance etc.  

The person is responsible for understanding from a technical and business perspective the scope and requirements of the Pre- and Post Integration projects for (In-Play) clients.

Once sales cycle is complete, the (IDPM) works with the sales and development teams to scope and propose a project action plan and list of associated product requirements, deliverables, challenges and timelines. The IDPM has a complete technical understanding and owns the technical process from a project delivery perspective.

The IDPM will understand and formulate product requirements based on sales and trading feedback and will translate these into actionable project modules and milestones that can be prioritized and tracked in a professional and efficient manner.

The IDPM will have software project management skills, be familiar with software project management tools and applications and will have an understanding of development processes/flows. The IDPM will ideally have some development skills to provide additional development support.

The IDPM would develop a standard integration protocol along with appropriate materials.  They would lead new and existing customers though any integration projects.  They are essentially the clients representative when it comes to requesting customization and advocating for various changes, or expressing dissatisfaction with any aspect of service. 


  • Client enquiries responses: owning and understanding the nature of inquiries; reviewing previous inquiries and responses; gathering and researching information applicable to each client; assembling and forwarding information to tech, trading and sales teams to action as required; verifying customer's understanding of information and answer. Provide professional, courteous, timely and accurate responses to requests for assistance with a view to providing confidence in our company and a superior partner experience. The view is to open and close issues rapidly.
  •  Data Entry and compilation: based on customer request and information provided by sales and other invested parties. Update the project as required based on feedback. Currently this is done on an ad hoc basis by various parties and not always properly tracked.
  •  Monitor and direct daily activities and provide support to dev teams and CTO: Scope of tasks includes planning and execution of service delivery, overall performance measures, process guidance, and issue resolution.
  •  Provide help desk services for troubleshooting and issue resolution with clients and technology partners & suppliers.
  •  Create, update, and manage operational processes and procedures Create new processes and procedures as new services are introduced and update existing processes and procedures, incorporating learning into documentation and ensuring adoption amongst clients and staff.
  •  Deliver and monitor operations dashboard and client service reporting. Provide visibility to service delivery operations outcomes for our clients. Establish regular communications & appropriate visibility into the health of the operation & delivery on commitments.
  •  Deliver and monitor internal metrics and analytics to measure output and efficiency. Provide visibility to service delivery operations to internal leadership. Analyze trends for process improvement.


  • Software Project Management Experience
  • Technical Knowledge
  • Knowledge of Project Management Software and Best Practices
  • Highly Organized 
  • Familiar with Sports Betting industry
  • Personable and Communicative
Ability to travel to customers for onsite visits.  Las Vegas, NV or Vancouver, BC local candidates preferred.

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