DBS3 User Guide : Logging on to DBS3

DBS3 Download User Guide FAQ

Logging on to DBS3 should take a matter of seconds. Occasionally users may problems connecting due to firewall or proxy settings. Follow the steps below and if you can't connect take a look at the troubleshooting tips.
  • Double click the DBS3 icon on your desk top or from the start menu. You should see the login screen.
  • Enter your user name and password.
  • Once DBS3 starts loading you will see a Progress Bar all the way up until your screen loads and displays the odds.

Account has expired
Contact our customer service @ 1-800 DON BEST or email customerservice@donbest.com

Connection failed
  • Check that your PC can browse the internet by going to
  • Ensure your personal firewall or Internet Security software does not restrict outbound connections from the DBS3 application, specifically ports 1111, 80 and 443.
  • Ensure your network can access our line servers.

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