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What's new in this release:
  • Added client-side auto-reconnect feature (3401)
  • Added date and game times to Custom Screen Tabs setup window. (5183)
What's fixed in this release:
  • Fixed cosmetic display issue in Sounds and Messages title. (4655)
  • Fixed issue with FINAL popups sometimes showing "Data Not Available". (5212)
  • Fixed game column width to correctly show 5-digit game numbers. (5586)
  • Fixed cosmetic page down issue. (5984)
  • Fixed cosmetic issue with Custom Screen Tab setup list jumping back to top. It will now remain in place while making selections. (6042)
  • Fixed issues with some users getting disconnected upon login. (6095)
  • Fixed issue with DBS3 auto-reconnecting when logging in from a different location. (6098)
Known issues:
  • No Show Halftime Scores on-screen option. Halftime scores are seen on an external webpage by going to Misc – Halftime Scores (5086)
  • Currently no way to multi-select from lists when configuring various Settings (5190)
  • Urgent Message email alerts sometimes gets truncated (5371)
  • Game time sometimes shows 00:00 01/01 after a time change (5430)
  • No way to list Major Line Move history (4236)
  • Steam Play email alerts not adhering to Individual Sport Settings (5761)
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