Beat Kelly in Vegas in the Don Best College Basketball Bracket Contest - click to enter now!

Everyone wants a chance to compete against an elite field, including Kelly in Vegas (@kellyinvegas), so why should March Madness be any different for sports betting enthusiasts and fans alike?

How do I enter? You can create a user ID using your Twitter handle or Facebook opt-in for registration purposes. This way there’s no confusion on who the top dog is, and you can let your friends and followers hear about your success all season long. You can also enter anonymously using an email address for verification.

After you click the link above, you will be routed to the contest home page. The pool will be called "Don Best College College Basketball Bracket Contest" so register there before the competition starts. Deadline to enter is Thursday, March 21 at 12:00 p.m. (ET).

Why should I compete? Everyone wants to beat the best gamblers and handicappers in social media – now’s your chance to put up or shut up and put them in their place!

What can I win? Prizes will include $1,000 cash to the winner along with other items including Don Best Real-Time Odds subscriptions, Express Odds and Don Best t-shirts. The Top 10 finishers after the national champ cuts down the nets will win prizes.

Contest format: You get points for every correct game you pick in the NCAA Tournament with the number of points rising from round to round. You also get bonus points for the team seed of each winning pick with that number added to the points per round.

Points per round are listed below:

Round of 64: 1 point per winning pick + team seed
Round of 32: 2 points per winning pick + team seed
Sweet 16: 4 points per winning pick + team seed
Elite 8: 8 points per winning pick + team seed
Final 4: 16 points per winning pick + team seed
National Championship: 32 points + team seed

Make sure to watch Kelly's video below for more info and then click to enter now!

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