DBS3 Download User Guide FAQ

Q: Where is the Custom screen?
A: DBS3 allows you to create a Custom Screen Tab by going to Settings -> Custom Screen Tabs, then setting up your custom screen tab in a similar way you would create a custom screen in DBS2K.

Q: Where is the Misc button?
A: The Miscellaneous items can now be found in the Misc dropdown menu on the very top of the screen.

Q: Where is the Info button?
A: The Info items can now be found in the Info dropdown menu on the very top of the screen.

Q: How do I change my Casinos?
A: Go to settings, then casinos, then follow the directions on the right to add or remove sportsbooks.

Q: What does it mean when the Sports tabs turn red?
A: This indicates that there were line changes on the given sports tabs so that users can see that there was line movement in a given sport without having to display that sport on the screen.

Q: How do you change Halftime games from going to the top?
A: Click on settings, Halftime settings then make your selections under Halftime options that you want and save.

Q: How do you get scores?
A: Go to Misc dropdown menu up top, then make your selection of all scores, yesterday's scores or halftime scores. For a particular sport only, go to info, the sport you want then scores.

Q: How do I find info, injuries, lineups and matchups on a particular sport?
A: Click on the Info dropdown menu up top, select your sport, then your league, then make your selection.

Q: How do I get a ML?
A: In the top right corner click on the down arrow of the Odds Display box, then click ML. Another way is to add the Casino's ML column by going into Settings, Casinos and searching for the Casino's ML column under Available Columns, then moving it to your Scroll Columns.

Q: How do I configure DSB3 on my netbook?  The bottom of the Settings windows get cut off and I can't Save any settings.
A: If you're screen's display size is too small and you can't see the Save or Close buttons in the Settings window that you're in, maximize that settings window and it will then put a scrollbar on the right, allowing you to scroll down to click the Save or Close buttons.

Q: Can I add a font to DBS3?

A: DBS3 supports TrueType Fonts, and will load whatever TrueType fonts that are available in your system's existing font directory.  To add a new TrueType font to your system, download the TrueType Font of your choosing, then install the .TTF file to your system's Font directory (in Windows 7 this is in Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Fonts).  Once the font has been installed in your system, exit out of DBS3 and log back in.  Go to Settings -> Fonts and you should see your new TrueType font listed.  Unfortunately, some fonts that were available in DBS2K are not TrueType fonts and can't be supported by DBS3.

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