System Information

We maintain two versions of the Don Best Sports software for use with the internet. The Java version, and DBS2K program which is the latest addition to Don Best Sports.

Don Best Internet System Information
In early 1997, we began delivering the Don Best program over the internet utilizing the newest state-of-the-art equipment. Our internet program is written in the Java programming language. It is the best program available BAR NONE (along with the DBS2K version).

As a general rule, we at Don Best Sports do NOT recommend the use of the following internet providers with our computerized line service:

  • AOL - America Online
  • MSN - Microsoft Network
  • Prodigy or CompuServe

The reason behind this is that when the Don Best internet versions were designed, we wrote them to established internet standards for communication and the above providers do NOT follow these standards completely.

The internet has become the standard way of disseminating information to a wide audience. By now, almost everybody in the U.S. and most people around the world have access to the internet. Many companies have invested billions of dollars into this technology. The internet is the quickest and the most reliable way of exchanging information around the globe.

One way of accessing the internet is through a modem and a telephone line. However, cable modems are available in many areas, and they do not require a telephone line. They use the regular cable system to feed internet information. Cable modems are ten to twenty times faster than regular modems, but the monthly access is slightly higher. Contact your cable company to find out if cable modems are available in your area.

You can connect to our system from any computer which has internet access. This means that you can go halfway around the world without carrying your computer, and if you can find a computer which has internet access, you will be able to connect to our system using your username and have the same casino setup which you have at home.

Our Java Version DBS program has more features than our previous modem and cable/satellite DBS programs. Some of these are:

  • The ability to create a custom page. This lets you select games in which you are interested and put them on one screen.
  • The ability to display more than one window of information at a time. This means that you can display one window with football, another window with basketball, and yet another with hockey, all in the same session.
  • The ability to view scores, boxscores, and closing lines for the past six months.
  • View the Changes window which lists every change as it comes in. This lets you know instantly the sport, the game, and the line for the change that came in.
  • Double-clicking a game with the mouse automatically brings up a window showing you the history of the line changes for that game for the whole day.
  • Double-clicking a game on the info/scores column automatically brings up a window showing you the info and lineups, or a more detailed score breakdown if the game has already started.

Our DBS2K version program has all of the above features of the Java version, plus these additional features:

Major Line Move Alerts
The Major Line Move Alert automatically notifies customers immediately when there is a major line move on a game. (Also called "steam," a major line move is caused by professional bettors simultaneously betting the same game at several sports books -- or when a significant injury is announced). The parameters for what constitute a major line move are determined by each individual user and programmed into the system.

For example, a customer can program DBS2K to alert him when three sports books move a line in the same direction within 10 seconds. When that occurs, the system will provide both visual and audio alerts.

Line Seeker
The new Line Seeker alerts customers that certain predetermined lines have become available. The Line Seeker can be programmed for an unlimited number of games, including both sides and totals.

For example, if the New York Jets currently are +2, users can program DBS2K to provide both visual and audio alerts if the price moves to +3 at any specified sports books.

Bet Tracker
Bet Tracker truly is an awesome, one-of-a-kind innovation in the gaming industry. In similar fashion to an online brokerage account, bettors can log their wagers -- then watch as DBS2K incorporates live scores, and grades all bets to provide a running tally of their net winnings.

Additionally, the new-look screen is fully customizable. That means columns and rows can be sized, highlighted and shaded for easier viewing. Advanced zoom capability also allows supreme control over the scores and team name fields so that more casinos can be viewed on a single page.

SMS Messaging
SMS Messaging allows the user to view and receive line changes and urgent messages alerts via e-mail and/or cell-phone.

For answers to questions concerning DBS2K, or to begin service immediately, please call: 1-800-DON-BEST. Or email use at, and a customer service representative will reply quickly.

Don Best DBS2K Version Information

The DBS2K version requires that the software be downloaded and installed on EACH computer you wish to use it on (unlike the Java version which is downloaded every time you access our site). You can use either the Java or DBS2K version on your computer system, but you may only log in with ONE version at a time.


Custom Setup - While setting up your custom page, you can now remove multiple games at once by clicking on the games you want to remove, and then right-clicking the mouse and selecting the Remove option.

DBS2K Messages - You can now set an option to restrict getting Major Line Moves and/or Final messages for games in your custom page only.

Profiles - Profiles are now backed up automatically once a day and are stored for a 3-month period. The reason for this is if your profile gets corrupted, you can restore back to a profile that was saved earlier that day, or any day that you select from a calendar.

Take Backs in Baseball - If you select the option to Show Take Backs in Baseball and then you print baseball, the take-backs will show up on the print-page.

SMS Messaging - SMS Messaging now works again. The company we were using for SMS Messaging had to fix their servers and send us a new key which has been incorporated into this version.

Print Form - You will now get a message if you try to print without putting any fields in the Print List-Box.

Line Seeker - Some problems with the Line Seeker have been fixed.

Bet Tracker - Some problems with the Bet Tracker not showing correct take-backs have been fixed.

Postponed and Cancelled games - A problem has been fixed with Postponed and Cancelled games going red without Don Best having to change the game time to a time that has already passed. This will allow you to see what the actual time of the game was before it was postponed or cancelled.

Version - 2.30

Additional Sportsbooks - Additional sportsbooks will be available beyond what previous versions could display.

Show Half-Time Scores - The Scores pull-down button now has a Show Half-Time Scores menu item. Clicking this item will let you see just the Half-Time scores on games that have a half-time score. All other games will be empty in the score column so the half-time scores stand out. To go back to showing all scores, just uncheck the option.

Postponed and Cancelled games - Postponed and Cancelled games will go red without Don Best having to change the game time to a time that has already passed. This will allow you to see what the actual time of the game was before it was postponed or cancelled.

Bet Tracker Input Form - The Bet Tracker Input Form has a few new features to make it easier to enter bets.

Download Issue - There was a problem downloading files on some users' computers which has now been fixed.

Version - 2.29

Message Center - The message center contains all the features that were in the Sounds and Messages Setup. In addition, we have added three new windows: Line-Change Alerts, Cell-Phone Messages, and Email Messages. Line-Change Alerts are for beeps for line-changes from sportsbooks. This setup used to be in the Casinos Setup, but has now been moved here. The Casinos Setup also has been changed to you cannot setup the beeps in that window but it has a button to take you to the Line-Change Alert window. The Cell-Phone Messages window allows you to setup to receive certain messages over your Cell-Phone Text Messaging (SMS) feature. The messages are limited to around 100 characters but that's enough for alerts such as Steam Plays and Line-Alerts. The Email Messages windows allows you to setup DBS2K to send certain messages to your email address. These messages are not limited to any number of characters to you could have the whole Urgent Message or Major Line Move sent to you email address.

Line-Seeker Change - The line-seeker values will automatically be deleted when the game starts. This will stop the half-time lines from triggering the Line-Seeker Alerts.

9 Custom Lines - The number of custom lines has been increased from three to nine.

File Downloads Bug - There was a problem for some customers who had older computers where certain files could not be downloaded from the Don Best site through DBS2K because of a missing Host parameter. The Host parameter has been added to allow for these older computers to be able to get the files. This used to cause a problem with the pull-down menus on the sports-buttons.

DBS Messages - Whenever there is an important message from Don Best Sports, it will now be sent via DBS2K and you will receive it in your browser window when you first login.

Host and Servers Pull-Downs - It is now easier to select the Host and Servers to which to login by selecting them from a pull-down in the Login Setup window. This option is usually only used if you have a problem logging in and you have called tech-support. The technician will tell you what to select in case of a problem. This feature should not be used without a Don Best technician's help.

Login Speed - For customers with slower connections to the internet, it is sometimes necessary to slow down the speed at which the login is performed. It is now possible through the Login Setup window to load a lower number of records at a time to slow down the login process. This does not slow down the line-changes once the login process has completed. Like the previous feature, this feature should not normally be used without a Don Best technician's help.

Re-login Problem - There was an intermittent problem during re-login which caused DBS2K not to be able to find the next server to which to login. This problem has been fixed.

Golf and NASCAR Matchup Grading - There was a problem showing winners of Golf and Nascar Matchups when no score was displayed but just "WIN" was displayed. This problem has been fixed.

Message Displaying - There was a problem where certain messages would appear on the screen even if the Sound and Messages for the whole program were turned off. This problem has been fixed.

Version - 2.42:

Fix - Issue with print settings.

Fix - Lockup when setting timezone offset to a positive number

Version - 2.41:

Fix - Issue with moving games which have started to bottom and move halftime games to top both being selected. This caused halftime games to move to the bottom (since they were 'started), instead of bringing them to the top.

Fix - Lineseeker popup appearing when all messages were turned off

Fix - Pinging sound when lineseeker alert appeared would not shut off.

Fix - The grid can now extend beyond 1000 records.

Fix - The opener columns would reproduce if the program was left on over night, now when the schedule is rotated the number of opener colums stays consistent.

Fix - Print temporary directory set to the app data directory for winXp and beyond. Also temporary files were moved to the data directory as well.

Fix - Halftime sound playing twice (this was noticeable on slower computers, on faster computers it would only play it once since they 'played' within milliseconds of each other)

Fix - Install program now sets the program compatibility to windows 2000 and requires run as administrator privileges.

Removed - VNC software download link and related code

Version - 2.27:

Halftime Window - You can now open a window containing all games that are currently at halftime. If a game goes into halftime while the window is open, the game will be added to the window. When a game goes out of halftime, the game will be removed from the window.

Take Backs - A new feature has been added to the pull-down menu under 1-prev #s to Show Take Backs in Baseball. When you select that option, the Totals in Baseball will be replaced with the Take Back and the button caption will change to BBTotals which you can click to go back to showing Totals.

Mouse Wheel - You can now use the mouse wheel to scroll up and down.

More Sportsbooks - Version 2.27 has been changed to allow for many more sportsbooks to be added to the system.

Refresh Sport - A problem has been fixed which caused an error when attempting to refresh sport in the Custom screen when there were no games in Custom.

Version - 2.26:

Due to popular demand, we have added the Next Page and Previous Page buttons back on the screen. However, to be able to add the buttons, we had to move the Bet Tracker button to the menu at the top of the Lines window.

A problem with the Custom Setup where some buttons were enabled has been fixed.

Version - 2.25:

Remote Assistance - This feature lets clients enable the Virtual Network Computer Server on their computer so Don Best Technical Support can connect to their computer remotely to try to fix problems related to the Don Best service.

Pull-down menus for major sports - The major sport-buttons now have pull-down menus associated with them which will bring up various misc categories related to the sport.

Automatic Pull-down menu updates - As the Don Best Misc menus change, DBS2K will automatically get the updates so the pull-down menus will be up-to-date.

Final alerts now include halftime scores.

The Scores pull-down menu now includes Yesterday and Halftime options.

Version - 2.24:

Fixed a problem where adding a line in Custom Line which was greater than 10 characters caused an error in the program.

You can now go to Connection Test under the Setup on the Login screen to go to different web sites just to make sure that your internet connection is working. This is in case you are unable to login to Don Best and you want to test your internet connection.

Fixed intermittent login problems.

In the Major Line Moves Setup, you can now enter half-points for baseball totals.

Fixed a problem in the Get New Version which caused customers to be unable to patch to the new version and had to download the whole program instead.

Version - 2.23:

During Custom Setup, adding games into the Custom page didn't automatically update the vertical scroll-bar on the custom page which made it impossible to view any games added after the page was full. This has now been fixed.

You can now click on the sport buttons to make the page go back up to the top. This is a feature that existed in old versions but was disabled in v2.22, and has now been added back.

The BetTracker now allows you to change the lines and the Bet/Win amounts will be calculated according to the new lines you entered.

The BetTracker used to automatically save your bet when you went to a different game or casino. Now it asks to make sure you want to save the bet.

You can now select individual leagues to add all games or games by date when creating your custom page.

The Casino Setup Screen had a problem setting sounds for the different leagues. This has now been fixed.

Added the ability in the Print option to add blank spots between columns.

Version 2.22:

Fixed some memory leaks which cause the program to abort in certain situations

Fixed problem with screen jumping back to the top when viewing games which are not on the first page

Fixed problems setting Alerts from the Custom Page

Fixed problem where double-clicking a custom-line on the custom screen brought up the wrong game

Added option to use the default browser instead of specifying a browser location

Added option to Disable the Vertical Scroll Bar. This is so when you go to the next-page you will start at the game following where you left off, even at the end of the schedule.

Added option for Offset from Computer Time in the Times Setup

Half-Time score now turns green in the score column so it can be seen easily

Auto-Grading now works for games that are no longer on the current schedule

The Refresh-Page option has been fixed so it doesn't refresh one game past the last game on the page

The Bet-Tracker now includes the capability to add bets with Listed

Pitchers, Opponent Pitcher, etc. for Baseball bets

Version - 2.21:

Faster Loading

The program now reads the default sport from the server so, for example, when Football season ends, the program, when first starting up, will automatically come up in Basketball

Sounds Setup now has a choice of a male voice, female voice, or another voice file that you can select

You can now bring up a new window tiled horizontal or tiled vertical

You can now select multiple leagues in the Print Form without having to hold down the Control key

A problem with the final message not coming up when final sound was off has been fixed

A problem with printing the Lines Seeker, Major Lines Moves, and Changes Windows which caused the leagues not to be automatically selected has been fixed

A problem with printing the score column has been fixed

Version - 2.20:

Fixed the problem where the size of the main window wasn't being saved

Focus now goes back to the main window after minimizing and restoring DBS2K

History now works correctly in the Custom Window

Custom Setup's Copy-By-Date now works for Eastern-Time-zone games starting after midnight.

Fixed problem where times like 12:30am were showing up as 0:30am

Added Auto-scroll-setup under Times Setup

Steam Plays Messages now display correctly when they take up more than a screen-full of space.

Added Major Line Move minimum settings for Football and Basketball

Added an option in the Sounds Setup to play a FINAL sound every time a game goes FINAL. Also brings up an Urgent Message with the FINAL score.

Added an option in the Colors Setup to change the color of the previous numbers.

Info Archives for the last 6 Months

Clicking on the Taskbar sets focus back to the main screen

Added Pull-down on Misc to include categories used most often, such as

Urgent Messages for the Day Restore default colors with a confirmation popup.

Added option to turn off messages including Urgent Messages, Steam Play, etc.

Version 2.19:

The program can now handle 10 more new columns than the previous versions. This is for the ability to display new casinos that will be added to the screen.

The Print option now includes a print-by-date feature. You can either select all dates for a league(s), or select a specific date.

Version 2.18:

You can now select an opener from CRIS, Stardust, and Olympic

You can even select multiple openers (from the 3) to be displayed on the screen at the same time These openers can be different for different sports. For example, you can have the CRIS opener for Football, but Stardust opener for Basketball.

Changes List can now display changes for Custom Page only (if you select that option)

Printing allows for sizing of blank spots

When bringing up line seeker form for the custom page for the first time, the right lines come up You can now set up casinos for the Line Seeker, Major Line Moves, and the Changes windows

You can now set up casinos for the Line Seeker, Major Line Moves, and the Changes windows

Whenever a new version is available, you will now get a window giving you the following four options:

  • View Changes in the new version
  • Download and Install the new version
  • Do not update at this time
  • Do not ask again for this version

Version 2.17:

Fixed Daylight Savings Time problem so we don't have a problem with it next April when the clocks go back an hour

Custom Print problems have been fixed

Casino setup now works with custom

Version 2.16:

Fixed the problem with the print function

Version 2.15:

Fixed the problem with the game times being an hour off

Version 2.14:

Fixed the problem with the time at the top-left being an hour off due to Daylight Saving Time

Added an 'Other' sport for things like Horse Racing

Added option for moving games that are FINAL to the bottom

Print by League in the Print Option

Hot keys for other sports (S-soccer, X-Boxing, G-golf, T-tennis, A-auto racing, O-others)

Don Best Java Version Information

You will automatically receive the latest version of the Don Best Java program each time you restart your browser and connect to our site. The current version is 1.81, released on Thursday, February 14, 2002.

Version 1.81:

Some customers had trouble connecting with a fast login, so a checkbox has been added to slow down the login if necessary.

Version 1.80:

A problem with staying connected was fixed.

Version 1.79:
The schedule now loads much faster.

Version 1.78:

A problem with the openers not being saved properly has been fixed.

Version 1.77:

You can now select the opening line on your screen to be from CRIS, Olympic, or Stardust.

Version 1.76:

The overnight lines are now in the screen under the "DBS ov" column.

Version 1.75:

Urgent messages were not displaying the correct font size. This has been fixed.

Version 1.74:

Urgent messages now show up using the Courier font. This allows Don Best to send out urgent messages where the information lines up properly.

Version 1.72:

You can now move all the Football games to your custom screen by clicking on the "All Football" button in the Custom Setup.

Version 1.71:

The program has been modified to have the capacity of up to 50 columns.

Version 1.70:

There are now 30 columns available. This includes 22 casinos and 8 Money Lines/Run Lines.

Daylight Savings Time Update Procedures

Internet Users

If your computer time is incorrect, go to the next section titled "WIN95/98/ME/XP/NT/2000" to set your computer time.

If the computer time is correct but the Don Best program time at the top-left of the program is incorrect, you need to change the "Offset from computer time" which is found in "Setup" under "Times".

The rule to follow is that if the DBS program time is an hour ahead of the real time, you have to put a "-1" in the offset; if the DBS program time is an hour behind the real time, you have to put a "1" in the offset.

Please contact Don Best Sports if you have any questions or problems about this procedure.


Computers running Windows 95/98/ME/XP/NT/2000 can be set to automatically adjust for daylight savings. What this does is the following:

  1. At 2:00am if your computer is running, or when you turn on your computer for the first time, on or around Sunday, a window will appear asking if you want to adjust for daylight savings. Click YES and confirm that the time was automatically adjusted to the right time.
  2. Close the Date/Time Properties window. If this window does not appear or the time is still wrong then do the following:
  • Double-click on the time in the lower right-hand corner of the task bar. If you do not have the time or nothing happens when you double-click on the time then click on the "Start" button, click on "Settings", click on "Control Panel", look for the Date/Time icon and click on it and hit ENTER.
  • Click right before the hour in the box under the analog clock and then click on the little up-arrow button next to the time to increase the time by one hour.
  • Click on the OK button; this should close the window.

Check the time in the Don Best Sports program. If the time is not correct then repeat the above steps to confirm that the time is correct in the computer. If the time is still not showing up correctly then call Don Best Sports. Next, check the start-time of the games to make sure that they are still being reported in the correct time-zone.

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