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Game log for the 2014 Season  -- Last 20 GamesView all YTD
09/21Natvs CLEVELANDSWARZAK ANTHONY+1507.5-5LossOver
09/20Natvs CLEVELANDMAY TREVOR+1058.5-4LossOver
09/19Natvs CLEVELANDHUGHES PHIL-14081WinOver
09/17Natvs DETROITGIBSON KYLE+1557.54WinOver
09/16Natvs DETROITNOLASCO RICKY+11581WinUnder
09/15Natvs DETROITSWARZAK ANTHONY+1607.5-2LossOver
09/14Natat CHI WHITE SOXMAY TREVOR+1158.52WinOver
09/13Natat CHI WHITE SOXDARNELL LOGAN+1109-1LossOver
09/13Natat CHI WHITE SOXHUGHES PHIL-1157-4LossUnder
09/11Natat CLEVELANDGIBSON KYLE+1857-6LossOver
09/11Natat CLEVELANDNOLASCO RICKY+1458-2LossUnder
09/09Natat CLEVELANDMAY TREVOR+1558.51WinUnder
09/07Natvs LA ANGELSDARNELL LOGAN+1409.5-10LossOver
09/06Natvs LA ANGELSHUGHES PHIL-1108.5-3LossOver
09/05Natvs LA ANGELSNOLASCO RICKY+1358-1LossOver
09/04Natvs LA ANGELSGIBSON KYLE+1158.5-1LossOver
09/03Natvs CHI WHITE SOXMAY TREVOR-1109.57WinOver
09/02Natvs CHI WHITE SOXMILONE TOM-1408.5-3LossOver
09/01Natat BALTIMOREHUGHES PHIL+10582WinOver
08/31Natat BALTIMORENOLASCO RICKY+1458-4LossOver
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