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Game log for the 2016 Season  -- All Games YTDView Last 20 YTD
04/30Natat OAKLANDDEVENSKI CHRIS+1058.5-2LossUnder
04/29Natat OAKLANDFIERS MICHAEL-1157.5-3LossOver
04/27Natat SEATTLEMCHUGH COLLIN+1157.53WinOver
04/26Natat SEATTLEKEUCHEL DALLAS-1507-10LossOver
04/25Natat SEATTLEFISTER DOUG+1307.5-1LossUnder
04/24Natvs BOSTONFELDMAN SCOTT-1059-2LossOver
04/23Natvs BOSTONFIERS MICHAEL-13585WinOver
04/22Natvs BOSTONMCHUGH COLLIN-1358.5-4LossUnder
04/21Natat TEXASKEUCHEL DALLAS-1808.5-3LossOver
04/20Natat TEXASFISTER DOUG+1158.5-1LossUnder
04/19Natat TEXASFELDMAN SCOTT-1059-2LossOver
04/17Natvs DETROITFIERS MICHAEL-1258.51WinOver
04/16Natvs DETROITMCHUGH COLLIN-1309-2LossUnder
04/15Natvs DETROITKEUCHEL DALLAS-1959.51WinUnder
04/14Natvs KANSAS CITYFISTER DOUG-1258-4LossPush
04/13Natvs KANSAS CITYFELDMAN SCOTT-1058.5-2LossUnder
04/12Natvs KANSAS CITYFIERS MICHAEL-1308-1LossUnder
04/11Natvs KANSAS CITYMCHUGH COLLIN-1358.56WinOver
04/10Natat MILWAUKEEKEUCHEL DALLAS-1609-1LossUnder
04/09Natat MILWAUKEEFISTER DOUG-15092WinOver
04/08Natat MILWAUKEEFELDMAN SCOTT-1209-2LossOver
04/07Natat NY YANKEESFIERS MICHAEL-1058.5-3LossOver
04/06Natat NY YANKEESMCHUGH COLLIN+1157.5-10LossOver
04/05Natat NY YANKEESKEUCHEL DALLAS-1206.52WinOver
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Bruce Marshall

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