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Game log for the 2016 Season  -- Last 20 GamesView all YTD
05/26Natvs COLORADOBUCHHOLZ CLAY-1559-6LossOver
05/25Natvs COLORADOWRIGHT STEVEN-1859.57WinOver
05/24Natvs COLORADOPRICE DAVID-2758.55WinOver
05/22Natvs CLEVELANDPORCELLO RICK-1208.53WinUnder
05/21Natvs CLEVELANDKELLY JOE-150108WinPush
05/20Natvs CLEVELANDBUCHHOLZ CLAY+1008.5-2LossUnder
05/18Natat KANSAS CITYWRIGHT STEVEN-1157.5-1LossUnder
05/18Natat KANSAS CITYPRICE DAVID-15573WinPush
05/17Natat KANSAS CITYPORCELLO RICK-1307.5-4LossOver
05/15Natvs HOUSTONOSULLIVAN SEAN+11010.51WinOver
05/14Natvs HOUSTONBUCHHOLZ CLAY-120101WinOver
05/13Natvs HOUSTONWRIGHT STEVEN-1309-1LossOver
05/12Natvs HOUSTONPRICE DAVID-1457.510WinOver
05/11Natvs OAKLANDPORCELLO RICK-190910WinOver
05/10Natvs OAKLANDOSULLIVAN SEAN-1109.58WinOver
05/09Natvs OAKLANDBUCHHOLZ CLAY-1358.57WinOver
05/08Natat NY YANKEESWRIGHT STEVEN+1058.54WinUnder
05/07Natat NY YANKEESPRICE DAVID-1457.5-6LossOver
05/06Natat NY YANKEESPORCELLO RICK-1107-1LossUnder
05/05Natat CHI WHITE SOXOWENS HENRY-1058.54WinOver
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DB Consensus

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