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Pitcher report for:HUDSON TIM 
Game log for the 2014 Season  -- All Games YTDView Last 20 YTD
DateOpponentOpposing PitcherLineOURun Diff.ResOUIPHRERBBSO
10/29at KANSAS CITYJ GUTHRIE+13071WinUn1.6732211
10/24vs KANSAS CITYJ GUTHRIE-1257-1LossUn5.6743312
10/14vs ST LOUISJ LACKEY-11571WinOv6.3374405
10/04at WASHINGTONJ ZIMMERMANN+19071WinUn7.3371108
09/24at LA DODGERSC KERSHAW+2356-8LossOv5.3353314
09/19at SAN DIEGOO DESPAIGNE-1256.5-5LossUn4.3375422
09/13vs LA DODGERSZ GREINKE+1006.5-17LossOv1.0086602
09/07at DETROITK LOBSTEIN+1108.5-5LossUn6.0083311
09/01at COLORADOF MORALES-13510.5-1LossOv5.0076515
08/27vs COLORADOF MORALES-21072WinUn8.0041118
08/22at WASHINGTOND FISTER+13577WinOv5.3352113
08/16vs PHILADELPHIAK KENDRICK-1957.51WinOv4.0085533
08/09at KANSAS CITYJ SHIELDS+1357-5LossUn6.0063301
08/04at NY METSD GEE-13071WinP5.0073222
07/29vs PITTSBURGHF LIRIANO-1156.5-2LossUn7.0063312
07/24at PHILADELPHIAC HAMELS+1107-1LossUn6.0082026
07/19at MIAMIH ALVAREZ-1157.52WinOv7.3381103
07/10vs OAKLANDS KAZMIR+1007-5LossP5.3396634
07/05at SAN DIEGOO DESPAIGNE-1356.52WinOv6.0031104
06/29vs CINCINNATIH BAILEY-1257-4LossUn8.0052206
06/24vs SAN DIEGOJ HAHN-1456.5-5LossOv5.6796424
06/18at CHI WHITE SOXC SALE+1407-1LossOv4.67127710
06/12vs WASHINGTONB TREINEN-15076WinOv7.0061025
06/07vs NY METSB COLON-1556.51WinOv5.0093335
06/01at ST LOUISL LYNN+1007.58WinOv7.0030026
05/27vs CHICAGO CUBSJ ARRIETA-1706.54WinUn7.0060005
05/22at COLORADOJ DE LA ROSA+1059.52WinUn3.0051121
05/11at LA DODGERSC KERSHAW+16063WinOv6.0082212
05/06at PITTSBURGHC MORTON-1157-1LossUn8.6752115
04/30vs SAN DIEGOR ERLIN-16071WinUn8.6752206
04/25vs CLEVELANDC CARRASCO-1507.54WinUn7.0041125
04/19at SAN DIEGOE STULTS-1257-2LossUn7.0082204
04/13vs COLORADOT CHATWOOD-1557.51WinOv7.3354405
04/08vs ARIZONAT CAHILL-1507.54WinOv8.0073204
04/02at ARIZONAT CAHILL-10592WinUn7.6730007
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