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Safer Reference Points
Don Best Openers are simply opening odds for sporting events. Our Real-Time and Express Odds subscribers get access to Openers for every major sporting event in North America, including NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAB, MLB and NHL.

Top Independent Odds Makers
Don Best has aligned itself with some of the sharpest minds in the sports betting industry. In essence, Don Best Openers are consensus odds determined by the top independent oddsmakers in North America.

First to Market
Don Best Openers are among the earliest odds available anywhere. They are released before virtually every sportsbook, whether it's in Costa Rica or Las Vegas.

Razor Sharp Opening Lines
Don Best Openers allow our odds subscribers to safely set lines without having to wait for the competition. They also give our subscribers an unbiased view of line movements, rather than a view of movements relative to a sportsbook's pre-adjusted openers. This data can lead to money saved and money earned.

User Customization
Don Best Openers are posted in our Real-Time and Express Odds services as soon as they are available. They can be accessed and viewed by all odds subscribers.

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Login to your Don Best account, then follow these steps:
1. Select the "Setup" dropdown menu at the top of the screen
2. Select "Casinos" from the menu
3. Make sure "Move to Fixed" is selected
4. Now select "DB Open" from the "Premium Books" section to the left
This will add the Don Best Openers to the fixed left-hand column on your Don Best odds screen.

Logon or learn more
Don Best Openers arm our Real-Time and Express Odds subscribers with a powerful and profitable handicapping intelligence. Click the button below to subscribe or learn more about our service.

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