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2016 Pro Hockey Goalie Report Sorted by Games
 Straight UPATSTotalsStatistics
Name#G#GSSUUnitsO/U/POver %Under %ShotsSavesPCTSO
J BERNIER110-1-1.00-1-00.0%100.0%29270.9310
C CRAWFORD110-1-1.40-0-00.0%0.0%27240.8890
M JONES111-0+1.41-0-0100.0%0.0%20190.9500
H LUNDQVIST111-0+1.10-0-00.0%0.0%34320.9410
R MILLER111-0+1.11-0-0100.0%0.0%30290.9670
C PRICE111-0+1.00-1-00.0%100.0%37360.9730
J QUICK110-1-1.61-0-0100.0%0.0%32270.8440
K RAMO110-1-1.41-0-0100.0%0.0%44390.8860
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Scott Spreitzer

Scott Spreitzer

I'm recommending a play on Ga Tech on Saturday afternoon.  Today's Free Picks By Scott Spreitzer