Money Management Betting Advice From Todd Fuhrman

By: Don Best Staff | Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It would be nice if we could cash all of our wagers, but that's simply too difficult to do, prompting Don Best market analyst Todd Fuhrman (@ToddFuhrman) to take a look at money management in this week's edition of Todd's Take.

"Everyone can always afford to make more money in sports betting," Fuhrman points out, "but the real question you should be asking yourself is what you can afford to lose."

Playing conservatively allows bettors to have money set aside for future wagers as well as keeping them from being motivated by fear with their handicapping. Realistic expectations are the key, which means staying away from some of the aggressive and reckless systems like Martindale.

Managing your bankroll will allow bettors to get through the ups and downs that are part of sports betting. One losing streak shouldn't ruin a gambler, nor should one winning streak sustain a bettor for the long term.

Fuhrman is looking at the upcoming NFL schedule as the "weekend of the backup quarterback." Philadelphia's Nick Foles will get the start in place of Michael Vick this Sunday at Washington, and that has seen roughly a 1-point adjustment in the opening spread. The Redskins were projected to be 2-2½-point favorites, but with Foles in for Vick, Washington started at -3½ (click to check updated NFL odds).

There might not be much of a drop-off at all with Foles in for Vick, who has been struggling most of the season. The same is true in Jacksonville where Chad Henne could step in for Blaine Gabbert. Being without a key starter can often result in a positive spot for bettors who understand how well backups can slot in for the injured superstar.

Pittsburgh will be without starter Ben Roethlisberger for the Sunday night matchup vs. the Baltimore Ravens at Heinz Field. That will thrust Byron Leftwich into the starting QB role for the Steelers and should make for about a 3½-point adjustment in the spread.

Jay Cutler is yet another starting QB that will likely miss this week, with the Bears turning to Jason Campbell in his place. That should have a 4-point effect on the Monday night spread in San Francisco, but Fuhrman says bettors shouldn't write off Chicago given Campbell's experience.

The flip side is the 49ers are probably going to be without Alex Smith who, like Cutler, is suffering from a concussion. Colin Kaepernick is projected to make his first NFL start, and Fuhrman says that will mean a 2½-3 point adjustment for San Fran.

Don't forget to follow the NFL injury reports and updated weather forecasts that bettors get from Don Best Real-Time Odds, and check back next week for another edition of Todd's Take.

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