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Remaining Schedule
09/118:30 PMvs NEW ENGLAND
09/184:05 PMvs TAMPA BAY
09/251:00 PMat BUFFALO
10/024:25 PMvs LA RAMS
10/068:25 PMat SAN FRANCISCO
10/178:30 PMvs NY JETS
10/238:30 PMvs SEATTLE
10/304:25 PMat CAROLINA
11/134:25 PMvs SAN FRANCISCO
11/201:00 PMat MINNESOTA
11/271:00 PMat ATLANTA
12/044:25 PMvs WASHINGTON
12/111:00 PMat MIAMI
12/184:05 PMvs NEW ORLEANS
12/244:25 PMat SEATTLE
01/014:25 PMat LA RAMS
No significant injuries.
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July 22, 2016

Dear Valued Customer,

We want to notify you of a correction regarding the pre-season NFL. Under Thursday, August 11, 2016, team 251 is now the Washington Redskins and team 252 is the Atlanta Falcons.


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