Todd's Take On How To Handle Losing Streaks In Betting

By: Don Best Staff | Thursday, November 29, 2012

Following up on his money management discussion, Don Best market analyst Todd Fuhrman (@ToddFuhrman) offers advice for how bettors can best handle inevitable losing streaks in this week's edition of Todd's Take.

A 60 percent success rate is the gold standard for gamblers, a mark Fuhrman points out will never be reached by most bettors. But even those who do enjoy that rate will occasionally go through losing stretches.

"It's no different than being an athlete with a hot hand," Fuhrman says about bettors who enjoy good runs. "However, the real difference between the best bettors and those in it for recreation is how you handle the rough patches. You have to avoid going on tilt and firing outside your comfort zone just to recoup losses."

Fuhrman advises from his own personal experiences that it's best for bettors to take a step back during bad runs at the window. Betting a fixed percentage of your bankroll and sticking to that for the long haul will help avoid blowing through your cash midway through a given sports season.

Conference Championship Week is also upon us on the college football betting front, and the marquee matchup is once again in the SEC where the collision between Alabama and Georgia has BCS implications. It's no coincidence that all of the conference tilts are currently sitting on a key number despite opening above or below those marks.

Nebraska started at -2½, but the spread immediately went to three in the Big Ten contest against Wisconsin (click to check updated college football odds). Florida State opened -13 or -13½ for the ACC clash with Georgia Tech, and that number is now -14. 'Bama began at -7½ for the SEC Championship, but 'dog money came in and the line has been adjusted to -7.

These adjustments aren't traditional line moves, Fuhrman notes, but instead a case of professionals getting out ahead of the curve before deciding on a real position in each contest later this week. Chasing steam can be a dangerous game for bettors who are not sure what to look for in games that are going to generate larger handles than normal Saturday matchups.

This will also come into play for the upcoming bowl games in the next month or so, something that will be covered in future reports. Make sure and check back each and every week for Todd's Take.

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