Inside The Stats: Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

By: Marc Lawrence | Friday, November 29, 2019

Stats don’t lie. People who interpret them do.
Looking inside the stats on each football game tells the truth. See our updated review of the 2019 football season from a statistical perspective below. 
Heading in to the final full week of the 2019 college football season, and Week Twelve of the NFL campaign, there are a handful of teams that are clearly getting the job done where it counts – on the playing field. 

When one team outgains its opponent in total yardage we call it winning games “In The Stats”.  Much like a baseball team that outhits its foe can usually count on a winning effort, so too do football teams that hold an overall yardage advantage against their opponent.
From the MIDWEEK ALERT we find the following college football teams perfect ITS (In The Stats) this season: Clemson, LSU, Ohio State, Oklahoma, and Utah. It’s no coincidence that these five football machines will be in an all-out battle to win the final four spot in the 2019 College Football Playoff final rankings.

For what its worth, the best NFL best team best ITS this season is none other than the disappointing Dallas Cowboys, who are 11-1 ITS following their Thanksgiving Day loss to Buffalo. On the flip side, Arizona, Cincinnati, and Miami bring up the rear all at 1-10 ITS.

A total of 12 FBS teams won games but were outgained in their contest. You can check them out n this week’s edition of the MIDWEEK ALERT.
In addition there were 3 teams in the NFL that also their previous game in ‘inside-out’ fashion. They include: Kansas City, Minnesota, and New England.

Finally, from our MIDWEEK ALERT statistical newsletter, the following five teams on this week’s football card are ‘leaking oil’, three in college football two in the NFL. These are favorites who have been outgained in each of their last three straight games or more (number in parenthesis indicates how many stat loses in a row they own).

• Ball State (4)
• Fresno State (5)
• Missouri (5)
• Jaguars (3)
• Packers (3)

We’re back next week with our final view INSIDE THE STATS for the 2019 football season. Good luck this week.  

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