Don Best - ncaa basketball ats stats

Big Sky Conference Standings
PORTLAND ST10-50.6675-455.6%87.978.16-14-4
E WASHINGTON11-70.6118-561.5%75.676.08-13-6
WEBER ST9-60.6007-558.3%79.169.35-14-5
N DAKOTA9-70.5627-558.3%79.172.95-14-6
N COLORADO7-100.4126-746.2%71.473.94-13-9
MONTANA ST7-120.3688-850.0%79.979.67-50-7
SACRAMENTO ST5-110.3124-930.8%69.475.63-22-9
SOUTHERN UTAH4-140.2226-746.2%78.684.32-42-10
N ARIZONA3-140.1767-846.7%68.477.81-52-9
IDAHO ST3-140.1763-1023.1%67.277.33-20-12
Upcoming Games
01/199:00 PMat N COLORADO
01/213:00 PMat N DAKOTA
01/279:00 PMat WEBER ST
02/029:00 PMvs N ARIZONA
02/049:00 PMvs SOUTHERN UTAH
02/0910:05 PMat PORTLAND ST
02/1110:05 PMat SACRAMENTO ST
[G] 01/14/2017 - Gary Chivichyan "?" ( Groin )
[G] 01/14/2017 - Hayes Garrity out indefinitely ( Academics )
[F] 01/14/2017 - Robert Jones III "?" ( Leg )
[G] 11/10/2016 - Houston Wahlen out for season ( Redshirt )
[G] 11/10/2016 - Keshawn Liggins out for season ( Redshirt )
[F] 11/10/2016 - Kyle Ingram out for season ( Back )
[G] 11/10/2016 - Lyle Sutton out for season ( Redshirt )
Game LOG for the 2017 SeasonResultsOffenseDefense
DateOpponentLine OUScoreSUATSOUFG%FT%3PT%FG%FT%3PT%
01/14vs IDAHO+113962-77LLP34.6%78.9%34.4%44.9%85.7%39.1%
01/12vs E WASHINGTON+3.514385-92LLOv50.8%64.7%33.3%58.9%78.3%44.4%
12/31at MONTANA ST+815563-80LLUn37.0%78.8%16.7%50.0%68.2%50.0%
12/29at MONTANA+1114062-74LLUn38.2%85.7%38.1%50.8%62.5%32.1%
12/20at BYU+2416158-84LLUn33.9%75.0%31.2%51.7%75.0%40.9%
12/18at BOISE ST+15.514459-82LLUn39.3%62.5%38.5%51.7%68.2%36.8%
12/16vs MONTANA TECHNLNL76-46W46.3%83.3%44.0%35.2%100.0%27.8%
12/10vs BRISTOLNLNL80-61W41.9%76.7%18.5%39.6%71.4%30.0%
12/07at WISCONSIN+30.5133.544-78LLUn33.3%38.5%30.4%51.7%54.5%30.0%
12/03at CS-NORTHRIDGE+816476-79LWUn45.3%87.0%42.1%58.2%61.1%57.1%
11/29vs LAMARNLNL77-60W47.9%65.7%44.4%30.6%71.4%25.0%
11/25at TEXAS TECH+25.513558-91LLOv45.2%50.0%47.8%61.4%66.7%50.0%
11/23NEW JERSEY TECH+7.514967-71LWUn44.7%84.2%40.9%44.4%75.0%39.3%
11/22E KENTUCKY+5.515382-91LLOv50.9%60.0%46.2%43.3%84.0%34.3%
11/19at UTAH ST+12154.551-85LLUn31.0%50.0%29.0%50.0%53.8%37.0%
11/16at UTAH VALLEY STPKNL73-82LL39.4%44.4%27.8%43.5%73.9%39.3%
11/11at NEW MEXICO+16.5153.570-81LWUn47.4%63.6%40.9%47.5%66.7%18.8%
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