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Game log for the 2014 Season  -- Last 20 GamesView all YTD
09/28Natat SEATTLERASMUS CORY+1826.5-3LossUnder
09/27Natat SEATTLEWILSON C.J.+1107.5-1LossUnder
09/26Natat SEATTLEWEAVER JERED+1206.5-1LossOver
09/24Natat OAKLANDSANTIAGO HECTOR+1757.51WinOver
09/23Natat OAKLANDLEBLANC WADE+1457.52WinUnder
09/22Natat OAKLANDWILSON C.J.+1457-4LossOver
09/21Natvs TEXASRASMUS CORY-2008-1LossUnder
09/20Natvs TEXASWEAVER JERED-2107.53WinOver
09/19Natvs TEXASSANTIAGO HECTOR-1958.5-9LossOver
09/18Natvs SEATTLELEBLANC WADE+2256.5-2LossUnder
09/17Natvs SEATTLEWILSON C.J.-11585WinUnder
09/16Natvs SEATTLERASMUS CORY-1458.5-11LossOver
09/15Natvs SEATTLESHOEMAKER MATT-1107.57WinOver
09/14Natvs HOUSTONSANTIAGO HECTOR-1558.5-5LossUnder
09/13Natvs HOUSTONWEAVER JERED-2308.53WinUnder
09/12Natvs HOUSTONWILSON C.J.-1758.58WinOver
09/11Natat TEXASRASMUS CORY-18094WinOver
09/10Natat TEXASSHOEMAKER MATT-1759.57WinUnder
09/09Natat TEXASSANTIAGO HECTOR-14596WinOver
09/08Natat CLEVELANDWEAVER JERED+1107.59WinOver
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