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Game log for the 2016 Season  -- Last 20 GamesView all YTD
06/24Natvs CHICAGO CUBSKOEHLER TOM+1357.5-1LossOver
06/23Natvs CHICAGO CUBSCHEN WEI-YIN+16072WinUnder
06/22Natvs ATLANTACONLEY ADAM-1707.53WinUnder
06/21Natvs ATLANTAFERNANDEZ JOSE-2757-1LossUnder
06/20Natvs COLORADOCLEMENS PAUL+1008.5-2LossUnder
06/19Natvs COLORADOKOEHLER TOM-13583WinUnder
06/18Natvs COLORADOCHEN WEI-YIN-1158.53WinOver
06/17Natvs COLORADOCONLEY ADAM-1257.54WinUnder
06/15Natat SAN DIEGONICOLINO JUSTIN+1208.5-3LossOver
06/14Natat SAN DIEGOKOEHLER TOM+1207.53WinUnder
06/13Natat SAN DIEGOCHEN WEI-YIN-1107.59WinOver
06/12Natat ARIZONACONLEY ADAM+1008.5-6LossUnder
06/11Natat ARIZONAFERNANDEZ JOSE-2009-2LossUnder
06/10Natat ARIZONANICOLINO JUSTIN+1409.52WinOver
06/09Natat MINNESOTAKOEHLER TOM+1209.57WinOver
06/08Natat MINNESOTACHEN WEI-YIN-1059-2LossOver
06/07Natat MINNESOTACONLEY ADAM-1159-2LossOver
06/05Natvs NY METSFERNANDEZ JOSE-16571WinUnder
06/04Natvs NY METSNICOLINO JUSTIN+1009-2LossOver
06/03Natvs NY METSKOEHLER TOM+1607-4LossOver
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Marc Lawrence

Marc Lawrence

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