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Game log for the 2014 Season  -- Last 20 GamesView all YTD
08/27Natvs CHICAGO CUBSLATOS MAT-1657.52WinOver
08/26Natvs CHICAGO CUBSCUETO JOHNNY-1707-3LossUnder
08/24Natvs ATLANTASIMON ALFREDO+1107.52WinOver
08/23Natvs ATLANTALEAKE MIKE+1157.51WinUnder
08/22Natvs ATLANTALATOS MAT-1057.5-2LossUnder
08/21Natvs ATLANTAHOLMBERG DAVID+1708-8LossPush
08/20Natat ST LOUISCUETO JOHNNY-1056.5-4LossOver
08/19Natat ST LOUISSIMON ALFREDO+1557.5-1LossOver
08/18Natat ST LOUISLEAKE MIKE+1208-1LossOver
08/17Natat COLORADOLATOS MAT-1109.5-1LossOver
08/17Natat COLORADOAXELROD DYLAN+11510.5-5LossOver
08/15Natat COLORADOCUETO JOHNNY-14591WinUnder
08/14Natat COLORADOSIMON ALFREDO+1159-4LossOver
08/13Natvs BOSTONLEAKE MIKE-1307.5-1LossOver
08/12Natvs BOSTONLATOS MAT-1257.5-1LossUnder
08/10Natvs MIAMICUETO JOHNNY-18075WinOver
08/09Natvs MIAMISIMON ALFREDO-1358-1LossUnder
08/08Natvs MIAMILEAKE MIKE-1307-1LossUnder
08/07Natvs CLEVELANDBAILEY HOMER-1157.54WinUnder
08/06Natvs CLEVELANDLATOS MAT+10075WinOver
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