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Game log for the 2016 Season  -- Last 20 GamesView all YTD
08/29Natvs TORONTOMILEY WADE+13510.5-4LossUnder
08/28Natat NY YANKEESGAUSMAN KEVIN-11595WinUnder
08/27Natat NY YANKEESBUNDY DYLAN+1059-8LossOver
08/26Natat NY YANKEESGALLARDO YOVANI-1059.5-10LossOver
08/25Natat WASHINGTONJIMENEZ UBALDO+1878.5-4LossUnder
08/24Natat WASHINGTONMILEY WADE+1458.52WinOver
08/23Natvs WASHINGTONGAUSMAN KEVIN-1309.57WinUnder
08/22Natvs WASHINGTONBUNDY DYLAN-165101WinUnder
08/21Natvs HOUSTONGALLARDO YOVANI+1009.5-2LossUnder
08/20Natvs HOUSTONTILLMAN CHRIS-1359-10LossOver
08/19Natvs HOUSTONMILEY WADE-1059.5-7LossOver
08/18Natvs HOUSTONGAUSMAN KEVIN-1208.58WinOver
08/17Natvs BOSTONBUNDY DYLAN+1008.5-7LossOver
08/16Natvs BOSTONGALLARDO YOVANI+11010-2LossUnder
08/14Natat SAN FRANCISCOMILEY WADE+1357.51WinOver
08/13Natat SAN FRANCISCOGAUSMAN KEVIN+1506.5-4LossOver
08/12Natat SAN FRANCISCOBUNDY DYLAN-1207.53WinUnder
08/11Natat OAKLANDTILLMAN CHRIS-1308.53WinOver
08/10Natat OAKLANDGALLARDO YOVANI-1359-1LossUnder
08/09Natat OAKLANDMILEY WADE-1309-1LossUnder
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Jim Feist

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