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Game log for the 2015 Season  -- Last 20 GamesView all YTD
05/25Natvs HOUSTONCHEN WEI-YIN+10081WinUnder
05/24Natat MIAMIGONZALEZ MIGUEL-1057.5-3LossUnder
05/23Natat MIAMIWRIGHT MIKE-1057.5-1LossUnder
05/22Natat MIAMIJIMENEZ UBALDO-1107.53WinOver
05/21Natvs SEATTLETILLMAN CHRIS-11081WinOver
05/20Natvs SEATTLECHEN WEI-YIN-1358-2LossUnder
05/19Natvs SEATTLEGONZALEZ MIGUEL-1208.55WinOver
05/17Natvs LA ANGELSWRIGHT MIKE+1158.53WinUnder
05/16Natvs LA ANGELSJIMENEZ UBALDO-1309-5LossUnder
05/15Natvs LA ANGELSCHEN WEI-YIN-1108.5-2LossUnder
05/13Natvs TORONTOGONZALEZ MIGUEL-1258.55WinUnder
05/12Natvs TORONTOTILLMAN CHRIS-1309.5-8LossOver
05/11Natvs TORONTOJIMENEZ UBALDO-1258.53WinUnder
05/10Natat NY YANKEESNORRIS BUD+1658-4LossPush
05/09Natat NY YANKEESCHEN WEI-YIN+10584WinPush
05/08Natat NY YANKEESGONZALEZ MIGUEL+1108.5-1LossOver
05/07Natat NY YANKEESTILLMAN CHRIS+1208.5-1LossUnder
05/06Natat NY METSJIMENEZ UBALDO+1007-4LossUnder
05/05Natat NY METSNORRIS BUD+1057-1LossUnder
05/03Domevs TAMPA BAYCHEN WEI-YIN-1107.52WinUnder
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Bruce Marshall

Bruce Marshall

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