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Brian Vickers (55)
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2014 Race Log
December 1969QualifyingRace Results
DateRacePosSpeedFinishStatusLapsPointsCar Make
04-12-14Southern 50014181.98526Running37119Toyota
04-06-14Duck Commander 50023192.7684Running34040Toyota
03-30-14STP 5001398.96516Running50028Toyota
03-23-14Auto Club 40019184.5217Running20638Toyota
03-16-14Food City 50038126.4459Running50335Toyota
03-09-14Kobalt Tools 4009192.2613Running26731Toyota
03-02-14Subway Fresh Fit 50016137.78825Running31119Toyota
02-23-14Daytona 50031192.79830Running19214Toyota
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Eddie J

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