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David Stremme (30)
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2014 Race Log
December 1969QualifyingRace Results
DateRacePosSpeedFinishStatusLapsPointsCar Make
09-28-14AAA 40038156.35937Running3897Chevrolet
09-21-14Sylvania 30036136.03840Running2284Chevrolet
09-06-14Federated Auto Parts 40031123.71736Running3928Chevrolet
08-23-14Irwin Tools Night Race41123.74631Running49113Chevrolet
06-28-14Quaker State 40038178.67235Running2579Chevrolet
06-15-14Quicken Loans 40036197.66639Running1955Chevrolet
06-01-14Dover 40040158.56937Overheating2977Chevrolet
04-26-14Toyota Owners 40038035Running3959Chevrolet
04-12-14Southern 50037179.02436Brakes3268Chevrolet
03-30-14STP 5003797.68439Running4405Chevrolet
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Jim Feist

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