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Joey Logano (22)
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2014 Race Log
December 1969QualifyingRace Results
DateRacePosSpeedFinishStatusLapsPointsCar Make
04-12-14Southern 5002183.04935Front Hub35910Ford
04-06-14Duck Commander 50010193.7431Running34048Ford
03-30-14STP 500399.4284Running50041Ford
03-23-14Auto Club 4007186.27339Running1955Ford
03-16-14Food City 5004128.8320Running50025Ford
03-09-14Kobalt Tools 4001193.2784Running26741Ford
03-02-14Subway Fresh Fit 5002139.2654Running31241Ford
02-23-14Daytona 50035194.58211Running20034Ford
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Bruce Marshall

Bruce Marshall

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