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Brad Keselowski (2)
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2016 Race Log
December 1969QualifyingRace Results
DateRacePosSpeedFinishStatusLapsPointsCar Make
04-24-16Toyota Owners 4006Practice Spe11Running40031Ford
04-17-16Food City 50012125.69118Running50023Ford
04-09-16Duck Commander 5008192.68518Running33223Ford
04-03-16STP 5001196.2055Running50036Ford
03-20-16Auto Club 40015187.2329Running20532Ford
03-13-16Good Sam 500(k)19136.85129Running30712Ford
03-06-16Kobalt Tools 4004195.6661Running26744Ford
02-28-16QuikTrip Folds of Honor 50018189.1449Running33032Ford
02-21-16Daytona 50025193.87820Running20022Ford
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Bruce Marshall

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