Don Best - mlb single matchup

Game log for the 2016 Season  -- Last 20 GamesView all YTD
09/25Natat OAKLANDLEWIS COLBY+1008-6LossPush
09/24Natat OAKLANDDARVISH YU-11585WinUnder
09/23Natat OAKLANDHAMELS COLE-14583WinUnder
09/21Natvs LA ANGELSHOLLAND DEREK-14511-1LossUnder
09/20Natvs LA ANGELSGRIFFIN A.J.-19510.51WinUnder
09/19Natvs LA ANGELSPEREZ MARTIN-13010.51WinUnder
09/18Natvs OAKLANDLEWIS COLBY-17010.5-3LossUnder
09/17Natvs OAKLANDDARVISH YU-2359.5-9LossOver
09/16Natvs OAKLANDHAMELS COLE-19091WinOver
09/14Natat HOUSTONHOLLAND DEREK+1458.5-4LossOver
09/13Natat HOUSTONGRIFFIN A.J.+13091WinUnder
09/12Natat HOUSTONPEREZ MARTIN+1259.51WinUnder
09/11Natat LA ANGELSLEWIS COLBY-1159.5-1LossUnder
09/10Natat LA ANGELSHAMELS COLE-1558.53WinOver
09/09Natat LA ANGELSDARVISH YU-1307.51WinUnder
09/08Natat SEATTLEHOLLAND DEREK+1158.5-3LossOver
09/07Natat SEATTLEGRIFFIN A.J.+1109-5LossOver
09/06Natat SEATTLEPEREZ MARTIN+14583WinOver
09/05Natat SEATTLEHAMELS COLE-1107-8LossOver
09/04Natvs HOUSTONDARVISH YU-1559-1LossOver
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