JustBet Review

Based in Costa Rica, Justbet is one of the better off-shore sportsbooks to choose from. Justbet is not the biggest sportsbook, but its size does not hinder the service players receive. Justbet knows it is the small fish in a big pond, so Justbet has tailored its customer service to be more personable, engaging, and helpful for player inquiries. Justbet uses ASI software, which is one of the most widely used software gaming platforms on the market today. Justbet is gaining in popularity among industry players and considered an all-around good out to have.

From its reasonable minimum deposit liimits to its world class customer service, Justbet is an exceptional choice from sharp players to recreational bettors alike. Justbet offers many attractive bonuses to entice players to dive in and give them a shot, and from there relies on its offerings, customer service, and simplicity of payouts to send its company message.   

  • Location: San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Minimum Bet: $10 on-line, $50 by phone
  • Maximum Bet : $2,000 online; higher limits available by phone at management discretion
  • Limit collars: Yes, limits lowered for professional players.
  • Languages: English, Spanish  
  • Hours of Operation:  7 am to 9 pm Pacific  
  • Country Restrictions: Residents outside of US & Canada are not accepted
  • Software: ASI  
  • Date Established: 1996  

                      Parlay Payoffs    

# of teams payoff
2 13 to 5
3 6 to 1
4 11 to 1
5 21 to 1
6 35 to 1
7 50 to 1
8 80 to 1




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