DBS3 USER GUIDE : Custom Tabs

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Multiple Profiles allow users to save different sets of preferences within the same DBS3 client installation. This allows multiple users to use the DBS3 client on one PC, but have the ability to save and load their own unique profiles which contain their individual settings and preferences.


The configuration of Multiple Profiles is done through the main DBS3 login window.

Step 1

Select the Profiles menu item, then click Create New Profile and type in a name for your new profile, for example "profile1"

Step 2

The Current Profile field will now show this new "profile1" is in use, and any saved settings will be applied to "profile1"

Step 3

To switch Profiles, exit DBS3 and go back to the login window.

Step 4

Go to Profiles - Load Profiles to switch to a different profile.

Step 5

Go to Profiles - Delete Profiles to delete any existing profiles.

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