DBS3 USER GUIDE : Line Seeker

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The Line Seeker tool is used to notify users when a specific line is available on a particular game. Users can select the sportsbooks in which they'd like to receive these alerts from, and then set the values of the lines they'd like to see. If the sportsbooks put out a line that matches or is better than the value that the user specified the user will get an audio and visual alert from DBS3 indicating such.


To configure Line Seeker alerts, go to Tools -> Line Seeker

Step 1

Click the "Setup Sportsbooks" button and select the sportsbooks that you wish to monitor, then add them to the list on your right and click the Save button.

Step 2

Click the "Add" button from the Line Seeker List window.

Step 3

Enter the game # in the Jump to Game# box, then click Jump.

Step 4

Enter in your desired values for the Pointspread, Total, and Moneyline.

Step 5

Click the Add button, then click OK on the pop-up msg that follows, then click the Close button.

Verify your values in the Line Seeker List, then click the Close button.

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