DBS3 USER GUIDE : Halftime Settings

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Halftime Settings allow users to configure various audio and visual alerts for when games go into halftime. These alerts can be configured universally for all Sports and Leagues (default) or on a per Sport/League basis.


To configure Halftime Settings, go to Settings -> Halftime Settings. Check or uncheck the following halftime options to enable/disable them accordingly:

  • Play Halftime Sound
  • Move Halftime Games to Top
  • Show Halftime Timer

Individual Sport Settings

Configure the "Individual Sport Settings" if you would like to configure different halftime settings on a per Sport/League basis. To do this, select the Sport or League from the "Individual Sport Settings" drop-down list seen at the top. When prompted to enable Individual Settings for that sport, click Yes. Then setup your halftime settings the way you want them for this particular sport. Click the "Apply" button to save your current settings and continue to make changes. Click the "Save" button to save your settings and exit. Note that Individual Sport Settings take precedence over the Universal Settings.

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