DBS3 Download : v1.3.5

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Download DBS3 version 1.3.5

What is new in this release:
  • Added team totals (as combined, or as away and home individually) (13797)
  • Added front end ability to handle soccer halftimes (13414)
  • Added more refined popup alerts (13415)
  • Enhanced halftime boxscore popup (6649)
  • Enhanced Futures filtering (7093)
  • Added ability to toggle odds format (American, Decimal, Fractional, etc.) (7185)
  • Enhanced archive snapshots (9008)
  • Added ability to display scores on In-Game rows (9460)
  • Added ability to print past scores (9516)
  • Added ability to add all MLB to group by right-clicking on the "Major League Baseball" header (10028)
  • Enhanced Matchup info display (10032)
  • Added ability to filter out NBA Series as separate group (11707)
  • Added ability to stack popup alerts in order of arrival (6648,13405)
  • Added more info on disconnect msgs (5744)
  • Added better exception handling for schedule ordering issue (13769)
  • Added a default "Tomorrow" tab (13406)
  • Added a default "Live Betting" In-Game tab (9461,9938,11209)
  • Added ability to change account password from the DBS3 Help menu (13776)
  • Added instruction for the Private Feed setup (6177)
What is fixed in this release:
  • Resolved issue with delayed games showing as postponed (7479)
  • Resolved issue with highlighting last game/row on the screen (8520)
  • Resolved exception when entering Time settings (6681)
  • Resolved steam play issue (6914)
  • Resolved issue with top bar showing wrong server info after re-connecting (8591)
  • Resolved issue with bringing a game out of TBA (8678,9331,9407)
  • Resolved cosmetic print issues (9838)
  • Resolved duplicate Final pop-ups alert issue (10238,10738,12350)
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