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Download DBS3 version 1.2.5

What's new in this release:
  • Added elapsed connection time in the Help-About menu. (4092)
  • Added option in the Settings menu to configure DBS3 pop-ups on top-right side of the screen. (6219)
  • Enhanced Major Line Move to add more drop-down values for moneyline and time options. (6505)
  • Added buttons for Refresh Game and Refresh Casino. (6609)
  • Enhanced Refresh Game and Refresh Casino behavior to remove highlight selection after clearing the line changes. (5834)
  • Added Halftime popups with halftime stats. Go to Settings-Halftime Settings to enable this option. (6563)
  • Added ability to delete individual games from custom screen when "move started games to the bottom" feature is activated. (6610)
  • Added ability to view boxscores progressively by right-clicking on a game in progress and selecting the Boxscores option. (7055)
  • Enhanced options for Other Sports category for future use. (7058)
What's fixed in this release:
  • Fixed issue where column header was incomplete when printing by time order within same sport. (5899)
  • Fixed sort issue where Soccer Draw/Total row did not move to bottom when "Move Started/Final games to bottom" option was checked in the Sort settings. (6018)
  • Fixed issue with certain users getting a "Members Only" error message when viewing miscellaneous pages. (6293)
  • Fixed issue with some (N)'s incorrectly being removed for neutral site games. (6346)
  • Fixed intermittent delay issue with express service. (6510)
  • Fixed intermittent issue where DBS3 could sometimes show the incorrect connection state. (6667)
  • Fixed issue where clear casino shortcut key would stop working intermittently. (6837)
  • Fixed issue where Baseball 2nd Half could only be seen in the Today tab. (6908)
  • Fixed issue where scrollbar would flash in certain cases when switching sports tabs. (6928)
  • Fixed cosmetic issue with DTV and Record row highlighting. (6939)
  • Fixed intermittent issue with pitching changes not showing for some users. (6940)
  • Fixed issue with version check always reporting a new version is available. (6945)
Known issues:
  • No Show Halftime Scores on-screen option. Halftime scores are seen on an external webpage by going to Misc - Halftime Scores (5086)
  • Currently no way to multi-select from lists when configuring various Settings (5190)
  • No email alerts for FINAL messages (4788)
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