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What's new in this release:
  • Ability to Load Archive Data from the File menu. This allows users to load yesterdays data onto the screen. (5745)
  • Added shortcut keys for Clear Game and Clear Casino, allowing users to clear changes from a single game or casino with a single key press. (5020)
  • Added a Logout function to the File menu, allowing users to logout without closing the screen. (5328)
  • Added disconnect pop-up message for anytime the DBS3 client status changes to offline. (5451)
  • Added ability to use the / character to input the 1/2 value when setting lines in private columns. (5394)
  • Added a Today's Scores option in the Miscellaneous menu. (5056)
What's fixed in this release:
  • Fixed issue where right-clicking on a casino and clicking Clear Changes was not clearing the column changes. (3443)
  • Fixed issue with In-Game CRIS % showing only a % symbol. (5188)
  • Fixed issue with some users not being able to login for the first time due to ToS pop-up. (5247)
  • Fixed issue where disabling a time option was not clearing the value field. (5319)
  • Fixed an unhandled exception seen when using DBS3 on a Crossover installation. (5342)
  • Fixed an issue with DBS3 not showing neutral on update. (5395)
  • Fixed issue where Started game color overrides game highlight color. Games number will now stay highlighted in the game column. (5453)
  • Fixed issue with Print settings retaining custom columns that have been removed by the user. (5483)
  • Fixed issue where deleting a side or total for a game in the LineSeeker tool would delete all entries for that game. (5626)
  • Fixed issue with Print settings not saving all Blank columns upon exiting the client. (5726)
  • Fixed issue with Email alerts not adhering to the Sounds and Messages Individual Sports Settings. (5662)
  • Fixed cosmetic display issue with scrollbar paging. (5656)
Known issues:
  • No Show Halftime Scores on-screen option. Halftime scores are seen on an external webpage by going to Misc – Halftime Scores (5086)
  • Currently no way to multi-select from lists when configuring various Settings (5190)
  • Custom Screen Tab setup does not display game times (5183)
  • Final pop-ups sometimes displays "Data Not Available" (5212)
  • Urgent Message email alerts sometimes gets truncated (5371)
  • Game time sometimes shows 00:00 01/01 after a time change (5430)
  • No way to list Major Line Move history (4236)
  • Game# column truncates 5-digit rotation numbers in the Soccer tab (5586)
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