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What's new in this release:
  • Added ability to view the currently loaded Profile on the top of the screen (5163)
  • Added ability to hide the opener columns when configuring the Zoom settings (5044)
  • Added ability to extend the Time offset to -6 in the Time settings (5230)
  • Added ability to resize column width for all Casinos by going to Settings - Resize All Casinos (5175)
  • Added a digital signature to the DBS3 application (5250)
  • Totals are now displayed on the RL/ML columns for Soccer, allowing the full Handicap/Asian line to be seen while the default column will show the 3-way lines (5099)
  • Changed Print page to be center justified (5139)
What's fixed in this release:
  • Fixed issue with TV Listings not appearing right away (5146)
  • Fixed issue with some Urgent badges not showing up until the DBS3 application is re-launched (5151)
  • Fixed issue with starting/unstarting games (5170)
  • Fixed issue with postponing/canceling games (4986)
  • Fixed issue with personal Custom Column lines not printing (5177)
  • Fixed issue with Print not printing minus (-) sign (5251)
  • Fixed issue with some games prematurely going to Final (5233)
Known issues:
  • No shortcut keys to clear single game lines or single column lines. Workaround to clear game lines is to use mouse right-click – Clear Changes option (5020)
  • No “All Scores” options to show Today’s scores. Workaround is to go to Misc – Yesterday’s Scores, then select the current date (5056)
  • Games in FINAL not going full red (5084)
  • No Show Halftime Scores on-screen option. Halftime scores are seen on an external webpage by going to Misc – Halftime Scores (5086)
  • Currently no way to assign a shortcut key to the Custom Screen Tabs (5176)
  • Currently no way to multi-select from lists when configuring various Settings (5190)
  • Custom Screen Tab setup does not display game times (5183)
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