DBS3 Download : v1.0.7.5

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What's new in this release:
  • Added DBS3 Start Menu Icon (4059)
  • Added ability to copy-n-paste from the Help - About section (5004)
  • Added the Username field in the Help - About section (5005)
What's fixed in this release:
  • Fixed DBS3 executable filename to make it easier to identify (4089)
  • Fixed Time Settings Reset to Default option (4898)
  • Fixed clock to where increasing Font size will also increase the size of DBS3 clock on the top left of the screen (5008)
  • Fixed issue where some MLB headers were not being removed when unchecking them in the Sport/League Tab Filter settings (5032)
  • Fixed Custom Column naming issue (5028)
  • Fixed issue with Print where it would not let users specify blank column width (5046)
  • Fixed issue with Print feature showing a blank Print Preview when trying to print a custom screen tab (5048)
  • Fixed various sportsbook links (4503)
Known issues:
  • No shortcut keys to clear single game lines or single column lines. Workaround to clear game lines is to use mouse right-click - Clear Changes option (5020)
  • Zoom settings does not provide option to hide opener columns. Workaround is to configure Zoom settings to hide other columns types (5044)
  • Clicking the Ref Page button clears out extra rows below the page (5052)
  • No netbook support, current supported resolution is 1024x768 (5001)
  • No option to change Prev #s font color (5054)
  • When selecting date in the Print feature it defaults to past date (5055)
  • No "All Scores" options to show Today's scores. Workaround is to go to Misc - Yesterday's Scores, then select the current date (5056)
  • Games in FINAL not going full red (5084)
  • No Show Halftime Scores on-screen option. Halftime scores are seen on an external webpage by going to Misc - Halftime Scores (5086)
  • Can't re-order entries in the Custom Screen Tab. Workaround is to drag-n-drop entries but this can be intermittent (5096)
  • The right-most column on the screen may not show properly. Workaround is to adjust column width (5098)
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