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NBA Playoffs: Be Cautious of Blowouts
What do blowouts in the NBA Playoffs mean? Different things to oddsmakers and the betting public. Jim Feist provides the insight.... Read this article
NBA Postseason and Earlier Meetings by Jim Feist
The NBA playoffs are in full swing. So what happens to Vegas lines where there are blowouts? Jim Feist explains.... Read this article
Baseball Hot and Cold Starts
Baseball is back! Which means daily betting opportunities on the diamond with sides, totals and dogs.... Read this article
May Good Month Pitchers article

Horse racing fans recognize May as the month of the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes.  For baseball purists May is simply the 2nd month of the 2016 MLB season.  But for die-hard baseball fans, namely those who enjoy handicapping America's pastime, it signals our annual May Good Month/Bad Month pitchers report.

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Defense and Totals in the NBA Playoffs
Defense is king in the NBA Playoffs! So what does that do for totals with oddsmakers in Vegas this time of the season? Jim Feist examines.... Read this article
Handicapping The NBA Playoffs: Get The Brooms Out!

The NBA Playoffs often find many twists and turns when it comes to handicapping the postseason.  One of the more enlightening is when teams are winless in a series and are about to be swept. 

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NBA Playoffs: The Best of the West
The first weekend of the NBA playoffs is in the books! The Western Conference has won 12 of the last 17 NBA titles and is the favorite again. Here's a peak at the top teams in the West.... Read this article
NBA Zig Zag Theory

In NBA handicapping circles, Zig Zags are trendy applications that have been profitable moneymakers during the playoffs.  The premise is simple: 'Play On' a team off a playoff loss in its very next game.






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NBA Playoff Opening Round Betting Strategies

With help from our trusted well-oiled database, let's examine four time-tested proven theories that have lined our pocket during the opening round of playoffs since 1991.  Here's what the machine has to say.

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NBA Stretch Run: The Best of the East

Start your engines! The NBA playoffs have arrived. Let's start with the Best of the Eastern Conference.

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Packing it In Down the Stretch in the NBA
Stretch run for the NBA season means some teams don't care and even some good teams are resting players, making Vegas handicapping a challenge.... Read this article
April Good Month/Bad Month Pitchers
Marc Lawrence highlights several pitchers who are notorious for being great or not so great in April.... Read this article
NCAA Final Four Out Trends And Stats
It's onward to Houston for the Final Four games.  To put the wraps on the 2016 NCAA Tournament, listed below are some interesting trends and angles to as our Fab Four heads off to H-Town this weekend.  All results listed below are ATS (Against The Spread) and are since 1991 unless noted otherwise.  Enjoy...... Read this article
NCAA Sweet 16 And Elite 8 Trends

If you are a player or a coach, there is nothing sweeter this time of the year than being alive in the NCAA Tournament. For those teams that survived the opening two rounds of this main event it's on to the Sweet 16 and, hopefully, the Elite 8 this weekend. 

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Tourney Matchup Tips
It's the Sweet 16 and beyond!  It's college basketball gut-check time, where games mean more and defense can shine. Let's examine some late season CBB betting tips.... Read this article
The Value of Senior Leadership
Are you ready for college basketball action, morning, noon and night? It's the best time of the sports wagering calendar -- March tourney play!... Read this article

The 2016 NCAA Tournament has arrived and with it a final chance to pad our bankrolls for the season.

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The way we see it: Conference Title Projections
Marc Lawerence breaks down the BIG Ten, BIG 12, SEC, and PAC-12 conference tounrements.... Read this article
Big 12 Title Contenders
College basketball tournaments tip off this month, the best four-week stretch in Las Vegas. Here's a look at the Big 12, with Kansas just wrapping up its 12th straight regular season title. Can anyone bounce them?"... Read this article
College Hoops: Best of the SEC
March Madness is just around the corner, with conference titles at stake. The stretch run is a dynamite time to find teams that are motivated and others that are going through the motions. Here's a look at some of the top SEC teams.... Read this article

Three things can happen when you bet on an underdog - and two of them are good.  Thus, understandably, my pet handicapping philosophy is searching for live dogs in winning situations.  There are, however, certain dogs that can bite the hand that feeds them if they are not conditioned to win.

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Article teaser:  Let's examine a handicapping theory that yields a much better return on your investment than the banks do these days.  It deals with teams playing back-to-back days without rest during the regular season.  In particular, Ivy League games, noted for playing back-to-back contests on Friday and Saturday nights.

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College Hoops: Best Big 10 Teams
The Big 10 is loaded with college basketball talent as we come down the home stretch. Here's a look at the top teams vying for the top spots.... Read this article
NBA At The Break

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly


... Read this article
College Hoops Takes Center Stage
The Super Bowl is done, so the next big event is March Madness! Here's a look at some of the best ACC teams down the college basketball stretch run.... Read this article
Super Sunday!
Broncos vs. Panthers on Sunday for the NFL championship! Vegas is fired up for this showdown of the #1 defense vs. the #1 offense. Who has the edge?... Read this article
Are you ready for the Madness?
One month to play in the College Basketball season, then we get to the best part of the year. March Madness! You've got to get an invite to the Big Dance to win it, will your team make the cut?... Read this article
Super Bowl Countdown!
Countdown to Panthers versus Broncos! And there's no better place to be than Las Vegas. In the world of eleven to ten, there's nothing quite like Super Bowl week. In this case, it's two weeks, as the teams have two weeks to prepare for the Big Game. For example, you can bet on the exact score of the game by each team, who will score first, or how many yards a player has.... Read this article
NFL Playoffs: Conference Champions at Stake!
The AFC and NFC will crown champions this weekend. Jim Feist breaks down the key factors in evaluating the winnnig side.... Read this article
Basketball Betting: Sideline, Stability, and Scheduling
Is it the players or the coaches who determine NBA spread covers? A lot happens off the court that can determine wins and losses, both straight up and against the spread.... Read this article
Here We Go: NFL Playoff Time!
As the playoffs begin, those who earned the top two seeds in each conference have a key edge, as they get a bye the first week while watching the others duke it out.... Read this article
Bowl Bonanza!
Happy Holidays! As 2015 draws to a close, we find ourselves smack in the middle of the bowls. You shouldn't be bowled-out, either, as they build to the crescendo that is the Big Four showdown for the national title.
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Late December: The Best Time for Bowling!
The college football bowls continue right through the holiday weekend. Here's a look at bowl action, both straight up and against the Vegas numbers.... Read this article
College Football Bowl Games
2015-2016 College Football Bowl Analysis Part 3 is brought to you by Mike Volpe of Brand X Sports.... Read this article
NFL Juggernauts and Fading Has Beens
The ups and downs of the NFL happen every week, both straight up and against the spread.  Who's in first?  Who's about to fade?  Jim Feist jumps into the NFL this week.... Read this article
College Football Bowls

2015-2016 College Football Bowl Analysis Part 1.  This Article is brought to you by Mike Volpe of Brand X Sports. 


... Read this article
NBA Early Season Surprises
NBA teams don't always start out of the gate the way everyone expects, both straight up or against the Vegas number.  Here's a look at some early NBA season surprises. ... Read this article
Tracking Opponents

Here is one of my most valuable handicapping tools in the NFL.  Tracking a team's opponent the following game.  Check it out!

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The Year of the Quarterback
Do you think there have been enough NFL QBs this season? The rash of injuries to the most important player on the team has been maddening.... Read this article
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
Thanksgiving is all about Turkey and football so let's look at a trend that may help you make money to pay for that Holiday meal.... Read this article
College Hoops
College Basketball has started and here are a few handicapping tips to make your self some money this year.... Read this article
NFL Routs, Revenge and Overinflated Lines
It was a wild week for underdogs in the NFL!  Revenge and parity are very much alive in football on the field and at the wagering window.... Read this article
Let’s take a look all the NFL teams playoffs heading into week 10
Midseason NFL  Contenders & Pretenders... Read this article
NFL Offensive Lines + Home/Road Disparity
The NFL is at the halfway point, a good time to assess home/road breakdowns, as well as an overlooked aspect of success or failure: Offensive line depth.... Read this article
Football Totals and Coaching Philosophies
Betting on NFL totals requires more than just examining stats, including how the coaching staffs like to game plan.... Read this article
Mid-Season Analysis: AFC Wild Card Contenders

This week Zack Cimini will discuss borderline playoff teams in both the AFC and NFC.  Which .500 level teams will fade in the second-half of the season and which teams will contend for a wild card position?

... Read this article
NFL: November Situational Team Trends

If Halloween - or the first two months of the NFL season - failed to deliver more treats than tricks during October, it's time we turn the calendar to November for some delectable team trends.

... Read this article
World Series Wagering Edges: Pitching and Defense

Kansas City and the NY Mets open up the World Series this week.  Is the edge with home field, the dog each game, or the total?  Jim Feist examines October baseball history for the crown, both straight up and against the Vegas number.


... Read this article
Assessing Quarterback Hits ATS

Zack Cimini examines quarterback hits and how team's leading the way in this category are underachieving ATS. 

... Read this article
Winning Football: "D" Comes Before "O"
The NFL is a league of quarterbacks, passing and record setting offenses....but don't overlook the importance of defense.... Read this article
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