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College Football Injuries and Depth Charts
College Football is approaching!  An area of college football handicapping dynamics that's important to grasp is depth.... Read this article
2017 Sun Belt Conference Football Betting Preview

On the surface the Sun Belt appears to be a three-horse race in 2017, according to 5 Here are their odds to win the conference title this season

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NFL Line Watch Week 1

Each week during the pro football season, AAA Sports looks at the NFL odds and tells you which spread to bet now, which one to bet later, and which total to watch as the week plays out.

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NFL Preseason Pointers and Changes
The games don't count yet, but they put sides and totals on all these NFL Week 1 games for a reason -- there are edges to be found.... Read this article
2017 SEC Conference Football Betting Preview

Alabama finished one second shy of winning its fifth national championship in eight years in a heart-breaking loss to Clemson in the College Football Playoff title game last season. 

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NFL Preseason Betting Tips
The NFL season is underway (sort of)!  The Cowboys and Cardinals kick off the Hall of Fame Game and Jim Feist gives August football betting tips.... Read this article
August Good Month/Bad Month Pitchers
With the MLB trading deadline officially closed, and the NFL preseason whetting our pigskin palates, the month of August sets the table for the stretch run of the baseball season.  The question is which pitchers can we count on to satisfy our tastes, and which ones figure to sour our stomachs? Take a look below.... Read this article
2017 Pac-12 Conference Football Betting Preview

If it appears that things are warming up in the desert these days it's because they are.  Global warming aside, Arizona and Arizona State are just 20-19 and 21-17 respectively since 2014. 

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A Toast to New NFL Coaches!
The NFL season is approaching!  Jim Feist examines some teams that made some key head coaching changes and the effects.... Read this article
2017 Mountain West Conference Football Betting Preview
For the tenth consecutive year, the Mountain West sent at least five teams into postseason bowl games when seven participants hit the alleys last season.... Read this article
College Football Teams with Something to Prove
Jim Feist examines some 2017 College Football teams with a chip on their shoulder.... Read this article
2017 Mid American Conference Football Betting Preview
Entering its 71st year of gridiron competition, the MAC welcomes 12 teams as it settles into a balanced format for the second consecutive season.... Read this article
New Coaches Hope to Upgrade College Programs
Football is fast approaching! Jim Feist takes a look at some college football programs with new head coaches and assistants.... Read this article
2017 Independent College Football Betting Preview

Roll call among FBS Independent college football teams has quietly inched up to four teams currently competing among the ranks of Independents.

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Baseball: Second Half Surges?
Baseball's first half is done -- along with the hopes of some teams.  But there is a second half to play and baseball history is littered with teams have bad first halves and outstanding second halves.... Read this article
2017 Conference USA Football Betting Preview

With UAB back in the Conference USA this season, the loop will now operate with 14 teams.  Each school will play every team in its division once for six games, while playing two crossover opponents from the opposite division.

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July Good Month/Bad Month Pitchers

Independence Day Fireworks and the MLB All-Star game go hand-in-hand during the month of July.  It’s also the start of the second-half of the MLB campaign.  And as we’ve come to learn the key to each and every team’s fortune lies on the pitching staff.  Can they sustain or will they unravel like a hand-me-down suit?  Stay tuned.  What we do know is that certain pitchers love hurling this time of the season while others tend to get lit up like a roman candle on the 4th of July.

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July Good Month/Bad Month Pitchers
Independence Day Fireworks and the MLB All-Star game go hand-in-hand during the month of July. Here is Marc Lawrence's look at July's pitchers.... Read this article
First Half Roundup
Baseball is at the halfway point, with winners and losers. Jim Feist takes a look at some of the surprised and disappointments.... Read this article
2017 Big 12 Conference Football Betting Preview

Title Time

At long last the Big 12 will have a conference championship game this season.  The Big 12 title game will be December 2 at AT&T Stadium (Jerry's World) in Arlington, Texas, a move that should increase the chances for a playoff team.

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Baseball Injuries, Soft Lines and Biting Dogs!
Jim Feist in Las Vegas offers insight into wagering on baseball, a daily endeavor requiring patience, stats and a keen eye on odds.... Read this article
2017 Big Ten Conference Football Betting Preview

We're Back

The 2017 campaign will feature 33 All-Big Ten players (seven first-team, 12 second-team, 14 third-team) and 46 honorable mention selections from last season.

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MLB Betting: Give Me Some Relief!
Baseball teams need balance to win, especially when games are tight in the 7, 8 and 9th innings.  Jim Feist examines why on the diamond the pen is mightier than the sword.... Read this article
2017 Atlantic Coast Conference Football Betting Preview
The Atlantic Coast Conference is the only conference in the nation to have two football national champions in the past four years. Marc Lawrence gives you his insight.... Read this article
Baseball Pitchers: A Different Breed
Baseball wagering takes patience, a keen eye and a complete understanding of all the nuances. Jim Feist examines a key aspect: the ups and downs of pitchers.... Read this article
2017 American Athletic Conference Football Betting Preview

Entering its fourth year of existence, the American Athletic Conference remains the top Group of 5 League heading into the 2017 football season. 



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June Good Month Bad Month Pitchers
For Major League Baseball pitchers hurling during the month of June, showers are hopefully not in their immediate plans.  Instead, MLB starting pitchers hope to stay in the game long enough to avoid having to clean up early. 
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NBA Finals Fever: Bring on the Stars!
Let the show begin!  For the third straight LeBron and the Cavs battle Golden State in the NBA Finals.  Jim Feist breaks down who has the edges, both straight up and against the Vegas lines.... Read this article
Baseball Bettors Don't Chew Big Chalk
Baseball betting offers great wagering opportunities daily. But you need to practice smart money management techniques.  Jim Feist in Las Vegas provides baseball insight.... Read this article
NBA Playoffs: Beware of the Blowout
Fans might expect all close NBA games this time of the season, but that's not always the case.  There are different reasons why, and Jim Feist explains why bettors shouldn't read too much into one performance.... Read this article
Game 7 Wizards/Celtics

If you plan on watching Game 7 between the Wizards and the Celtics, make sure to check out what AAA Sports has to say about it first!

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NBA Playoffs: Keep Up on Adjustments
Matchups aren't the only thing that effects the Vegas NBA lines come playoff time along with final scores.  Changes and adjustments play a huge role.... Read this article
Baseball Hot and Cold Starts
Start printing your World Series tickets now?....of course not.  Some baseball teams got off to a hot start, but it's a marathon, not a sprint.... Read this article
May Good Month/Bad Month Pitchers

For horse racing fans the month of May is all about the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes. For baseball purists, May is simply the 2nd month of the season as we head toward summer.

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One Month Into The 2017 MLB Season

One month into the baseball season, and a quick check of the division leaders and their chances of holding up throughout the season and getting to the playoffs.

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PLAYBOOK 2017 NFL Mock Draft

Now that the draft combine and private player workouts have concluded, it's on to the 2017 NFL Draft....

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Defense and Totals in the NBA Playoffs
This NBA postseason is featuring some explosive offensive players and some strong defensive teams. Who has the edge? Jim Feist explains the only edge that matters -- against the Vegas number.... Read this article
2017 NFL Draft Odds… You’re On The Clock

The NFL Draft has tuned into a spectacle, and with it ESPN will be in Philadelphia for the 2017 event broadcasting live three consecutive days of the event. 

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NBA Playoffs: The Best of the West
The NBA playoffs roll on!  Jim Feist looks at the Best of the West, a conference that has won 12 of the last 18 NBA titles.... Read this article
NBA Zig Zag Theory

In NBA handicapping circles, Zig Zags are trendy applications that have been profitable moneymakers during the playoffs.  The premise is simple: 'Play On' a team off a playoff loss in its very next game. 

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NBA Playoff Opening Round Betting Strategies
With help from our trusted well-oiled database, let’s examine a handful of time-tested proven theories that have lined our pockets during the opening round of playoffs since 1991.  Here is what the machine has to say.... Read this article
NBA Stretch Run: The Best of the East
Let the NBA playoffs begin!  Jim Feist takes a look at the top teams in the East trying to dethrone the Cavaliers."... Read this article
The 2017 New York Yankees

Here's a WAY TOO EARLY prediction for the 2017 New York Yankees after the first two weeks.  The future is for other teams...



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NBA Notes: Packing it In Down the Stretch
It's the final stretch run for the NBA season. Who wants to play is just as important as who is playing when it comes to the Vegas line.... Read this article
Every Team Reviewed With World Series Odds!

On the eve of the 2017 MLB season, AAA Sports quickly reviews every team and looks at their current odds to win the World Series.

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April Good Month Pitchers

Major League Baseball trades places with March Madness as the sports flavor of the month in April. As we usher in America's favorite pastime, let's open the season with one of our favorite handicapping angles - good month pitchers.

Listed below are hurlers that have enjoyed a two-to-one or better success ratio in team starts the last three seasons during the month of April. On the flip side, we've also listed pitchers that struggle in April team starts, winning 33% percent or less of their efforts.

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April Good Month Pitchers

Major League Baseball trades places with March Madness as the sports flavor of the month in April. As we usher in America's favorite pastime, let's open the season with one of our favorite handicapping angles - good month pitchers.

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2017 NCAA Final Four Fast Facts

Listed below are the Steam Alert Fast Facts from the 2017 Playbook Sweet 16 Guide.  

Enjoy them, and may the best teams win.

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The Final Four!

It is a great week for sports fans with the start of baseball, the NBA stretch run, the Final Four and the culmination of the college basketball season next Monday in Phoenix for the national championship. It's clear that it's not the teams the start the season hot, but the ones that get hot when it really matters -- March and April!

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2016 Playoff Teams On The Slide

Last week we looked at three teams - Pirates, Rockies and Mariners - which are good bets to sneak into the playoffs this season. Basic math tells us that three playoff teams from last year will have to be bumped, so this week we look at a trio of 2016 post-season teams which could be on the outside looking in come October.

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